About us
Hermes Business Idea Co. (Pvt.) is to develop the business communications in and out of the country. Based on our vast experience we dedicate services in:
Organizing exhibitions
Organizing specialized seminars
Business consulting
Market research
Innovative marketing plans
Business match making
Vision and values
Our Global Vision:
"To deliver contacts, content and communities with the power to transform your business."
Delivering contacts - the essence of what we do; bringing people together for mutual business, professional and personal benefit;
content - customers achieve more at Hermes events; more information, more innovation, more education;
and communities - we draw industries and markets together under a common banner, fostering relationships;
with the power to transform - our vision is to offer each and every customer the potential for dramatic change;
your business - we are committed to helping our customers grow their business and to maximize their return on investment. This is measured through improved performance in sales, education, brand building, sourcing, solutions and networking.
Our Values:
At Hermes Business Idea Exhibitions, we have a clear set of values for delivering our vision. These are:
Customer focus
Passion for winning
Valuing our people